Loop Integration is a proud partner of VTEX, a leading Commerce platform

VTEX is a platform that enables you to have all of your eCommerce strategies together in one place. You can build your online store, unite your different sales channels, and quickly set up your third-party marketplace with online sellers. VTEX has extensive out-of-the-box capabilities to build your site quickly and still make your site uniquely your own.

At Loop Integration, we’ve successfully completed new design and build implementations and updates on VTEX. Our approach utilizes the native VTEX functionality and experience while making your business stand out from the competition.

We take pride in asking questions, learning each client’s goal, and using our highly skilled team to make the dream happen! Our collective success has been with B2B, B2C, and Marketplace business models, which support the Omnichannel world that is so important today.

What makes Loop Integration unique when it comes to VTEX?

  • Loop likes to ask a lot of questions. We specialize in Commerce, and we take pride in asking the right questions and learning what is important to you.
  • Budget is always an essential part of the discussions. We don’t want to overcomplicate a new site, but we want to give the best possible experience for our Clients.
  • We have implemented sites quickly and made changes as we learn the right avenue for our Client (see the N95 paper below).
  • We’ve worked with Clients that already have a VTEX platform but need that extra special touch. We are genuinely excited to assist each Client in that next step and continue to adapt as required for the future.
  • Our organization continues to learn and understand the VTEX platform. All associates review documentation and development options for VTEX so many different team members can be available to start the integration process.

Download our latest VTEX case study

To learn how a business can go live with B2B / B2B and Marketplace in 12 weeks!

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