National Intern Day

August 3, 2021

National Intern Day was last week, and Loop is doing our bit!

National Intern Day was last week, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with Elson Lin as Loop Integration’s first Intern over the past several months. He’s been knee-deep in learning about the development of SAP Commerce with one of our long-standing Clients. He is passionate about learning and asking questions each day, plus experienced what it was like to have a deadline to hit.

Elson is entering his senior year at St. John’s University, studying Computer Science in Queens, NY. When he has some free time (think weekends!), he likes to go out with friends, spend time with his dog, play video games, and read about new and upcoming technologies. His humor has been infectious, and he has a way with giphy’s.

We want to thank him for taking the Intern program seriously with a passion and an outstanding commitment. We wish him luck in his senior year and look forward to learning what the future has in store for him!

Loop Integration Team