Improving Loop’s Remote Working approach

May 21, 2020

We’ve shared the article on the Five Levels of Remote work article previously and have stepped up our efforts to help our team operate more effectively from their homes. Here's where we are at.

We’ve shared the Five Levels of Remote work article previously (see here if you missed it) and had to share how we are working toward fully integrating the work from home experience into our ways of working. 

I’m sure everyone has experienced the exhaustion of being  on Zoom meetings all day.    Perhaps some teams have become less thoughtful on agendas and what the purpose of a meeting is about (level 2). 

At Loop Integration, we are now into our Level 3.  Team members have updated their monitors, added keyboards instead of working 100% on a laptop and learned the importance of their workspace at home.   More importantly, we are thinking about if we truly need a meeting. 

We are asking ourselves if something can be handled via Slack vs. having a meeting. We are creating well thought out agendas with definitive outputs.   We are following up with notes and tasks to keep from having, you guessed it, another meeting.  Most important of all, we are not bringing an entire group together when one person from that team could suffice. 

Of course, we still need to have some fun too!   Virtual happy hours/parties have made it easier to remind ourselves about the human element.   Remember that life and work should be fun too.