Flatten The Curve.

Loop Integration, with over 20 years in the commerce ecosystem, is here to help you navigate the best direction forward and Flatten the Curve for Commerce! While we are full-service provider offering consultancy, agency and integrator services, we can focus on a few tactile areas to assist in weathering our current storm.  Here are some of the services you can take advantage of now, all led by our expert staff:


Flatten the Curve For Commerce

Brand & Engagement
Content & Commerce
  • Update product Descriptions
  • Review/Revise Shopping campaigns
  • Rebuild/Rebrand your website
  • Bulk out your retargeting and segmentation strategy
  • Analyze analytics and suggest ways to improve your campaigns
  • Integrate video feeds for products
  • Review and provide solutions for newly needed user journeys (those new to online shopping)
  • Campaign planning recommendations
  • Measurement and Analytics assessment
  • SEO / SEM optimization recommendations based on altered conversion patterns
  • Visual design and branding
  • Landing Page optimizations
  • New Loyalty programs recommendations
  • Migrate Customers to online
  • Streamline returns process
  • Propose new content creation
  • Experience design
  • Review and provide recommendations on Product and Content architecture
  • Provide Testing Automation for newly introduced functionality
  • Roll out webstores to new regions and markets
  • Add in subscription services
  • Staff augmentation
  • Product Content Management
  • Site optimization audit with recommendations
  • Analytics assessment
  • Review and provide ROI for on prem to cloud migrations
  • Provide assessment and guidance on how to deal with supply chain disruptions